20.06.2012 г.

C63 Donwload


Convertor: firestone
Author: Forza Motorsport 4
What you got ?
-High Detailed model
-SA Lights
-Detailed Damage
-2 types plates
-5 custom colors
-Custom shadow and col
-One tuning part
-Custom Handling
-Lighted dash
-Addapted to Vehicle Lights mod (by DK22Pac)
...and one very beutyful car

Thanks to:
Alexey for help and tutorials
DK22Pac for permission to put his mod in archive
Liviu95 for ideas
to piohh and Alexey for testdrive
and to all others who i'm not writed :)

5 коментара:

Анонимен каза...

hey MR i have a question, can you build a toyota coralla sedan 1992 or 2007 version. also a nissan sunny 1992 version and a nissan almera 2008 version. my email is erlans@hotmail.com.

Dmitry Sidorov каза...

Чувачелла (надеюсь русский понимаешь :D), я обычно редко пишу комменты к машинам для игры, но тут от восторга захотелось написать. Машинка - действительно крутая и скрипты с габаритами, тоже классно придумал. Одназначно 10/10.

Oksu каза...

The Mercedes is really good, good job done with it, BUT, few things... When using ImVehLM by DK22Pac, and reversing or using blinkers, the texture will only work on other side. I would recommend checking it. And, when reversing and looking tail-lights from below, you can see through reversing light. If you could fix those things, I would be grateful. :) And, maybe adapt your vehicle for "Active Dash v2.0"? Working speedometers and stuff :D

Oksu каза...

And by the way, maybe you should adapt your old vehicles for ImVehLM?

GTAFiles каза...

Nice *-*